Your Private tour

We are a small family owned tour operator. And our goal is to keep on beeing small. We want to be able to give each and everyone of our customer a personalized service.

We want to have overview over every tour and be personally in touch with every customer. Feel the wishes, interests and what drives people to visit our amazing country. That is how we can give the best experience – everytime.

We have massive experience in planning and executing tours – day tours – multi day tours – customized tours – hiking tours and all the other tours you can think of here in Iceland.

We can make your tour a adventure – a experience you will never forget.

“Our mission is to provide the most authentic, top quality experience for people like you who wish to discover the remarkable landscape and culture of Iceland. “

Our Team

We Are Here For You
Jónas, Founder and headguide

Jónas has been travelling in Iceland since 15 years old and starting guiding in 1989. Member of Search & Rescue for 35 years and a bestseller author on books about hiking in Iceland.

He has a BA degree in rural tourism and has been teaching in guide schools for years.
He loves to show his passengers Iceland and to answer questions about history, culture or just anything related to Iceland.

Bylgja, Founder

Bylgja loves to travel and to be active out in the nature. Together with Jónas she has travelled all over Iceland for years.

As a registered nurse she puts focus on all aspects of safety in every tour as well as bringing joy to all steps of the buisness.

Sigfus omar, Guide

Sigfús Ómar or Omar has he usually calls hims self when guiding is passionate about everything related to Iceland.

He loves to tell his guests about geology and landscape on his tours and if you ask him questions you are already on his favorite list.